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OrCAD ExpressTM

OrCAD ExpressTM is a 32-bit Windows application that includes everything you need for designing Vantis CPLDs, as well as board-level schematics. For FPGA/CPLD design, Express allows you to use schematics, VHDL or a combination of both in a fully integrated design entry environment which includes VHDL simulation and synthesis. Express' graphical block diagramming capability can easily organize the most complex VHDL and schematic level designs, with comprehensive file management provided by the Express project manager. Express is tightly integrated with MACHXL® for quick place and route of your designs to the target silicon, and facilitates painfree analysis of post-route timing information. For board-level schematic design, Express provides an extensive library of discrete components as well as the capability to automatically create symbols for your FPGA/CPLDs. Express can export board netlists in a variety of standard netlist formats to PCB layout tools, including OrCAD Layout Plus.

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