MACHXL Software

Whether you're looking to upgrade an existing design tool, keep design costs down, or you just prefer to work with traditional Boolean logic, Advanced Micro Devices is ready with MACHXL®, software, a complete, universal development tool. We've created this low-cost, Windows-based design system so you can implement the programmable logic portion of your design on a less expensive platform and then integrate it with the rest of your system later.

MACHXL software lets you take advantage of our Universal Design Tools approach to provide you with a completely open design system. Together they work the way you think so you can design better products. The Universal Design Tools approach lets you quickly and easily integrated your programmable logic with the rest of your design. MACHXL software includes AMD's extensive library of advanced MACH® complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs) and CMOS PAL® devices. The software also incorporates the industry's leading fitter engine from MINC Incorporated. (See our software brochure for a detailed explanation of our Universal Design Tools approach and our three design methods.)

The CPLD Specialists

Nobody knows more about CPLDs than AMD. That's why we developed MACHXL software. It's a complete, universal, Windows-based tool that allows you to develop specialized CPLD designs more efficiently.

The system's device-independent design method-ology lets you enter your logic design without specifying devices for implementation. You work in the Design Synthesis Language, which then compiles into Boolean equations. MACHXL software allows you to:

A Specialized Fit for Specialized Designs

Specialized CPLD designs need specialized CPLD fitting and partitioning to support them. AMD's MACHXL system has been optimized to ensure that your CPLD and CMOS PAL designs get that special attention. It includes features such as:

For More Information

To learn more about our Universal Design Tools approach and how it can help you design better products, take a look at our brochure.

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