Get Your Designs Out as Fast as You Can Think

Ideas are often fleeting. A flash of insight could solve a complex design question, reveal a way to enable more outputs, or squeeze another nanosecond out of a functional block. Like most designers, you probably rely on brain storms like that every day.

Once you've thought of an idea, you need to implement it as quickly as possible -- because you and your competitors know that being first to market can mean the difference between success and failure. To stay ahead of the game, you need to get your designs out as fast as you can think of them.

Your job is complicated by the fact that every day, circuit designs are growing more complex. You're expected to pack in more logic, cut power consumption, boost the speed and lower the cost. The last thing you need is a design tool that slows you down.

You're Free to Speed

Until now, most designers have been forced to design their programmable logic using proprietary tools developed not by design tool experts, but by integrated circuit manufacturers. Only CAE workstations have offered an alternative. That means you've had to repeat the learning process for each tool from each manufacturer -- an expensive and time consuming process.

After learning all that, you were forced to implement your design in pieces, using a different tool for each portion -- one for each vendor. Then somehow you had to integrate all those segments into a complete product. And your programmable logic designs were limited to those devices supported by your tools.

Does that sound like an efficient way to work?

At Advanced Micro Devices, we've come up with an alternative that is so simple, it's revolutionary. It simplifies the whole design process -- without requiring you to change the way you think.

We call it the Universal Design Tools approach.

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