Tools That Work The Way You Do

The Universal Design Tools approach is a completely open concept based on a common design language that works the way you think. No matter what method, tool or platform you prefer.

Skeptics take note: Just as the ASIC industry changed dramatically 10 years ago, the programmable logic industry is poised to move away from proprietary tools. Now you'll have a common approach where each vendor's library of parts interacts with those tools created by specialists in CAE tool design.

A Head Start for the Future

AMD is ready to help you get a head start toward achieving that goal -- and still leverage your existing investment. How?

By creating a system that lets you use any of the most popular CAE tools -- some of which you're probably already using. From schematic capture, VHDL and Verilog to traditional Boolean logic description-based tools designed for PC platforms. And our Universal Design Tools philosophy is structured to grow with you as tomorrow's more sophisticated logic synthesis tools become the standard.

Building On Your Investment

By letting you mix your favorite tools with future upgrades and new packages, we enable you to take advantage of your existing investment in training, equipment and licensing fees to lower your total cost of ownership. And because you're not continually learning new tools, you can spend more time designing new products.

This approach is supported by all popular design tool manufacturers -- Cadence Design Systems, Inc.; Mentor Graphics Corporation; Synopsys Inc.; Viewlogic Systems, Inc.; and Synario Design Automation (a division of Data I/O Corp.), to name a few. The common language used by all these vendors is the Design Synthesis Language (DSL). The common fitter engine is provided by MINC Incorporated, the industry leader in device fitting tools. As a benefit, you get better products and better product support for both your tools and your programmable logic -- because your software investment is backed by experts in tool design, and your PLDs are designed and supported by PLD experts.

Free Up Your Thinking

That's the way to design better products. The Universal Design Tools approach removes unnecessary constraints by giving you easy access to a wide range of part types, including programmable logic, gate arrays and standard cells. You get AMD's extensive library of advanced MACH® complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs) and CMOS PAL® devices, as well as a choice of architectures from a variety of manufacturers -- all in a common format that is easily integrated into the rest of your design.

Once you've created a design, it becomes portable. As your company moves from one platform to another, you take your design library with you, which makes it easy to upgrade to more advanced tools. You can also develop some or all of your programmable logic on a legacy PC workstation and then move to a CAE workstation for further integration.

The Universal Design Tools approach also offers another more subtle advantage: Unlike some proprietary tools where you are forced to reformat your design files for each tool you use, the Universal Design Tools approach allows your design to remain in a single, common file format. So your data integrity is always ensured and debugging is easier and faster.

Finish Faster

By removing all those design roadblocks, the Universal Design Tools approach lets you create complex designs faster than ever before -- which means you can get to market faster and more cost effectively. When you're thinking about your next design, let AMD's Universal Design Tools approach open up your mind to a whole new brand of logic.

A Best Fitter for Fitting Your Logic

AMD has formed a strategic alliance with MINC Incorporated to provide you with the highest quality, full-featured programmable logic fitter possible. That alliance is your gateway to the Universal Design Tools approach. when you combine MINC's tools together with our silicon at the conception stage of your design, you've harnessed a powerful combination designed to provide you with the best fitter and devices available for your programmable logic needs.

MINC's fitter engine runs on both PC-based and workstation platforms to give you maximum flexibility in choosing the design environment that works best for your needs. Your programmable logic designs can then be quickly and easily ported into any DSL-based tool to complete the design process.

MINC's engine also gives you one-stop shopping with access to AMD's complete line of MACH CPLDs and CMOS PAL devices.

And because you're using a quality tool from the industry's foremost fitter specialist, you know you're always getting the best fit.

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