A Method for Every Thought Process

We recognize that not all designers think alike.

You might prefer to use what we call the "Integrated" method and work entirely on a high-performance workstation with full-featured schematic entry. You might also want to use "Top Down" logic synthesis. In some cases, you may still use "Classic" Boolean logic descriptions for the programmable logic portion. You may use only one of these methods, or some combination of them. What's important is that you have the right tools available when you need them. And the right devices for your design.

Thinking Ahead

Whichever way you work, AMD is there to support you now and into the future. We've structured our Universal Design Tools approach to help you make the most of the tools you already have and still migrate easily to others at your own pace.

With Universal Design Tools, you can leverage your training investment and licensing arrangements. In this way, you can implement portions of your design on a less expensive platform, such as a PC, where that still makes sense, and then integrate them with the rest of your system when needed.

Our growing library of PLDs is fully integrated with the industry's leading CAE design tools, such as those from Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, MicroSim corporation, Viewlogic and Synario. Or files can easily be ported across platforms to other tools via the DSL file format.

In addition to the full-featured solutions available directly from tool vendors, AMD offers lower-cost alternative products for each design style to help you upgrade more easily.

In other words, our design tool partners focus on bringing you better tools, and we concentrate on building better programmable logic devices. Together we bring you powerful design solutions that free your thinking and allow you to work more creatively to produce better products for your customers.

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