Innovations for the Innovative Designer

We're in the business of sharpening your competitive edge. So that you can design better products and get them to market faster. Our Universal Design Tools approach is just one of the many solutions we've delivered that help you streamline your thinking. We also invented the architecture that enables path-independent guaranteed fixed timing, the first 5 ns CMOS PAL device, the first true 5 ns CPLD, to mention just a few.

We've achieved these firsts through our commitment to excellence in technology and design.

Our Commitment to You

That's what has made AMD the world's largest supplier of programmable logic devices. As the number one manufacturer of PAL devices, and a world leader in complex PLDs, Advanced Micro Devices offers a full range of products to meet every design need. Each and every device is backed by our worldwide network of sales, support and manufacturing facilities.

Supporting the Present, Furthering the Future

Our way of thinking includes long-term support of legacy and existing technologies, as well as advancing the future. In process technology, we currently deliver state-of-the-art 0.35-micron (Leff) devices with the goal of achieving the 0.25-micron (Leff) level by 1998.

When it comes to new product designs, we're always thinking ahead. Our top-notch design teams in Austin, TX and Sunnyvale, CA represent the industry's best thinking in programmable logic design with a long history of experience and success.

Our products are backed by global manufacturing capabilities. Four state-of-the-art wafer fabrication plants in Texas are supported by our Submicron Development Center in California. Our packaging and testing facilities are in Penang and Bangkok.

The result is an outstanding record for guaranteed volume and a 98 percent on-time delivery rate. We also use continuous monitoring of our manufacturing process and multiple worst-case patterns in our production testing for greater quality and reliability.

We Take a Load Off Your Mind

At AMD we know you've already got enough on your mind in developing your own new products. So we've made it as easy as possible to do business with us. Our comprehensive customer support program includes local specialists ready to work with you on your design issues, a professionally-staffed hotline and a fax-back support system.

Our multiple franchised distributors provide you with local inventory for immediate availability, as well as additional services such as programming, just-in-time inventory management, production-ready kitting services, design services and technical support -- all at the fast turn-around pace you demand.

AMD. Our products spark your imagination. And our team keeps you moving at the speed of thought.

First in Programmable Logic

1983 Invented the output macrocell and set the standard for PAL devices
1984 Invented the 22V10
1990 Set the standard for complex PLDs with the introduction of the MACH family
Invented the multiplexer-based switch matrix
Invented path independent predictable delays
Invented optimized PAL blocks for speed and flexibility
1993 First vendor to offer 5 ns CMOS PAL devices
1994 First vendor to offer JTAG testing and 5V in-system programming in one device
1995 Set the industry standard for universal design tool support
1996 First vendor to offer true 5 ns CPLDs

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