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rogrammable Logic FamilyViewPLD from Viewlogic Systems, Inc. works with AMD's Universal Design Tools approach to provide you with a completely open design system. Together they work the way you think so you can design better products. The Universal Design Tools approach removes unnecessary constraints by giving you easy access to a wide range of part types, including programmable logic, gate arrays and standard cells. You get AMD's extensive library of advanced MACH® complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs) and CMOS PAL® devices - all in a common format that is easily integrated into the reset of your design. ViewPLD is a powerful integrated design tool that works with industry's leading programmable logic design tools and MINC Incorporated's fitter engine. (See our software brochure for a detailed explantation of our Universal Design Tools approach and our three design methods.)

A Tool that Works the Way You Do

ViewPLD is a tool that works with Viewlogic's Workview Office suite, as well as with other popular integrated design tools, to provide you with a complete mixed text, schematic, and simulation design environment.

ViewPLD offers advanced features and options that give you maximum flexibility and control in designing your programmable logic, including:

  • Saves design time by allowing you to control the partitioning process with cross-references for every partition, signal and group.
  • Simplifies design by automatically generating interconnected multiple PLD-partitioning schematics with automatic symbol generation.

  • Maximizes your previous investments by allowing you to retarget older TTL and PLD designs into new technologies, and by easily incorporating new functions.
  • Includes waveform analysis and timing simulation.
  • Automatically generates MACH and PAL device timing models with verification tools.

Better Design Solutions with AMD PLDs

  • AMD's extensive library of advanced MACH CPLD and CMOS PAL devices provide a range of high-quality solutions. Our libraries have been optimized to ensure that, whichever devices you choose, your ViewPLD designs will be expertly fitted using MINC's industry-leading fitter engine:
  • Predictable performance with accurate functional and timing simulations and guaranteed fixed-timing path delays.
  • Control over pin assignments, signal grouping, device selection and more.

Other Software Requirements

  • Workview Office 7.11 or later
  • MINC fitter engine

For More Information

To learn more about our Universal Design Tools approach and how it can help you design better products, take a look at our brochure. For details on ViewPLD, contact Viewlogic Systems at 1-508-480-0881, or on their Web site at

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