This slideshow was presented on the 7th Czech-German Speech Processing Workshop in Prague, Czech Republic, September 8-10, 1997.

Supercomputing on PC Clusters in Continuous Speech Recognition

Vaclav Hanzl, FEE CTU Prague,

This contribution is about: Brief top hardware history: Brief history of free software:

Who Is Using Linux PC Clusters?

and what are they doing with them? And is also used quite well in

Hardware Resources Needed in Continuous Speech Recognition Research

What we need, alias what we miss usually:

-> Diskspace For Corpora

Examples of LDC corpora sizes (1 CD ~ 600-650 MB):

-> CPU Power for Long-Running Experiments

In working CSR laboratory, we can usually find some background processes running for days and weeks... Or, generally speaking, All this can be split into parallel processes on the level of shell programming!!!

Performance/Price - Workstations vs Linux PCs

CPU Power - SPECint95 & fp95 per US $10^6

system SPECint95/M$ SPECfp95/M$
HP VISUALIZE B160L,32MB,2GB,17",Sep30/96 (457) (445)
HP VISUALIZE B132L,32MB,2GB,17",Sep30/96 * (544) (572)
HP VISUALIZE J280,64MB,2GB,Sep30/96 306 501
HP J210XC 1proc.,Jan20/97 524 898
HP J210XC 2proc.,Jan20/97 674 1154
Sun Ultra 1/140,Jan20/97 522 ?
SG O2 R5000 SC,64MB,4GB,20"c 562 673
SG O2 R5000 SC,32MB,1GB,17" * (1125) (1265)
our Linux PC cluster,May/97 3170 2442
Linux cluster,1/2HD,233MHz 4099 3158

Additional RAM price 5.6 times cheaper for PCs than for HP (fall of '96)

Same Price Workstation Compared:

How many times less gives you HP J210XC, 64MB RAM, 2GB HD:

5.9x 2.7x 16x 39x

Linux PC cluster offers at least three times more for the same money.

Software for Linux PC Cluster

Free Software (all with source code):
Commercial Software:
Our Own Software:

Hardware of Linux PC Cluster

Each of 8 nodes consists of: and all the nodes share: Beside this, there are many cables and cables and cables...

No floppy disk, no CDROM, no big monitor and no mouse - the only connection of the system with the rest of the world are power cord and 100Mbps network cable.

You can have the following slide in Postscript

Huge Disk Storage Solution

Traditional: One fileserver, HW RAID, SCSI disks - network & memory bus bottleneck!

Our: cheap IDE disks spred all over the cluster - how to connect them?

How Can Normal Users Use Linux Cluster?

What Can We Expect In The Future?


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