EPROM Memories
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     Advanced Micro Devices continues to be at the forefront of non-volatile memory technology. Our technology leadership is evidenced by the fast access times and high density of our EPROM and Flash products. AMD views EPROMs as an important part of our overall product portfolio, and as such remains committed to the EPROM line of products 
     Our CMOS EPROM product portfolio is the broadest available. Today we offer EPROM densities ranging from 64K to 4 Megabit in both ceramic windowed and plastic one time programmable packages. Our superior EPROM process technology yields access times as fast as 45 ns, enabling you to maximize system performance based on today's high speed microprocessors. Furthermore, we continue to offer value-added services by providing ExpressROM(TM) memories. These preprogrammed and fully tested devices provide users with a cost effective alternative to EPROMs without the long lead time associated with ROMs.

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