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Since the inception of integrated circuits, Motorola has provided leadership in the supermarket for digital logic. Motorola's reputation as a leading edge supplier for standard logic families remains unchallenged. Motorola currently concentrates on supplying those logic families and functions that advance the state- -of-the-art as well as serving the needs of designers requiring interface circuits for more complex ICs and semicustom designs. It does so with three technologies: ECL, TTL and CMOS. 

Links to information about Logic products produced by Motorola:

Press Releases
Press Releases can be found using the Press Release Database and searching on keywords. Search using the word Logic if you want all press releases from the Logic Division. 

Hot Documents
Logic Hot-Doc numbers have been phased out.  
You can now access any Motorola data sheet via the Data Library at this web site or Motorola's Mfax System using the MC part number. Application notes are also available by using the AN application note number. 

Document Title
BR1332/D 2Q97 Logic New Product Calendar
BR1333/D R5 Timing Solutions - Low Skew Clock Driver & Prog Delay Circuits
BR1334D R3 Hipercomm - High Performance Frequency Control Products
BR1339/D R2 LCX - Low-Voltage CMOS Logic
BR1478/D R0 LVQ - Low-Voltage Quiet CMOS Logic
DL121/D R5 FAST & LS TTL Data Book
DL122/D R5 MECL Data Book
DL129/D R6 High Speed CMOS Logic Data Book
DL131/D R3 CMOS Logic Data Book
DL138/D R3 FACT Data Book
DL140/D R3 High Performance ECL Data Book
DL201/D R1 FPGA Data - Field Programmable Gate Arrays
HB205/D R1 MECL System Design Handbook 
Literature can also be ordered using the Motorola Literature request form.

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