KALDI recipes for realized experiments

SPECOM2017 - KALDI Recipes for the Czech Casual Speech Recognition
Recipe: egs_NCCCZ_SPECOM_2017.tar

TSD2016 - KALDI Recipes for the Czech Speech Recognition Under Various Conditions

CtuCopy - Universal Speech Enhancer and Feature Extractor

Program version: 4.0.1 (last changes: CHANGES.txt )
Package for download: CtuCopy_4.0.1.tar.gz
Manual pages: ctucopy_401.pdf , ctucopy_401.html
KALDI recipe:

Speech SNR criteria estimation

Package for download:
Manual pages: snr.pdf ,

Cepstral voice activity detector

Package for download:
Manual pages: cdet1.pdf

Criteria of VAD clasification

Package for download: (new version 2.4 !)
Manual pages: vadcrit.pdf ,

Sample of CLSD (Czech Lombard Speech Database)

Package for download:
Description: Paper submitted to Eurospeech 2005