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EP0767419 Method and system in a data processing system windowing environment for displaying previously obscured information

In a data processing system having a display and an operating system, information is displayed within a first window utilizing information display software. Thereafter, the process detects a second window displayed within the display at a location that obscures a portion of the information displayed in the first window. Utilizing the operating system, the process notifies the information display software that the portion of the information within the first window is obscured by the second window. In response to receiving this information, the information display software displays, in the first window, the portion of the information that had been obscured by the second window, wherein the information in the first window previously obscured by the second window may be viewed in the first window by the data processing system user. Information displayed in the first window may be textual or graphical. The information display software may also receive information form the system that specifies coordinates of available display area. In response to predetermined conditions, previously obscured information may be displayed in available display area in a relocated first windows.

1. A method in a data processing system for displaying information, wherein said data processing system includes a display, and an operating system, said method comprising the steps of:

utilizing information display software, displaying information within a first window in said display;

detecting a second window displayed in said display at a location that obscures a portion of said information displayed in said first window;

utilizing said operating system, notifying said information display software that said portion of said information within said first window is obscured by said second window; and

utilizing said information display software, displaying in said first window said portion of said information that had been obscured by said second window, wherein said information in said first window previously obscured by said second window may be viewed in said first window by a data processing system user.

EP566662 Audio and video transmission and receiving system

A system of distributing video and/or audio information employs digital signal processing to achieve high rates of data compression. The compressed and encoded audio and/or video information is sent over standard telephone, cable or satellite broadcast channels to a receiver specified by a subscriber of the service, preferably in less than real time, for later playback and optional recording on standard audio and/or video tape.

1. A transmission system for providing information to be transmitted to remote locations, the transmission system comprising: library means for storing items containing information; identification encoding means for retrieving the information in the items from the library means and for assigning a unique identification code to the retrieved information; conversion means, coupled to the identification encoding means, for placing the retrieved information into a predetermined format as formatted data; ordering means, coupled to the conversion means, for placing the formatted data into a sequence of addressable data blocks; compression means, coupled to the ordering means, for compressing the formatted and sequenced data blocks; compressed data storing means, coupled to the data compression means, for storing as files the compressed, sequenced data blocks received from the data compression means with the unique identification code assigned by the identification encoding means; and transmitter means, coupled to the compressed data storing means, for sending at least a portion of one of the files to one of the remote locations.

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EP0487110 Computer-aided diagnosis system for medical use

A picture archiving communication system for storing, transferring various digital image data in a single or a plurality of hospitals includes a modality (10), a data base (12), a workstation (14) as a display unit, and a network (16) for connecting these components. The modality (10) includes various diagnosis apparatuses for generating medical digital images, such as a film digitizer (18), an angiography apparatus (20), a CT scanner (22), an MRI system (24), a nuclear medicine diagnosis apparatus (26), an ultrasound diagnosis apparatus (28), and an electric endoscope (30). An examination ordering system (32) is connected to the network (16). The workstation (14) outputs computer-aided diagnosis data obtained by analyzing medical image data by means of a computer. This computer-aided diagnosis data includes the location, the type, and the degree of abnormality. In order to alarm an abnormality, the workstation (14) displays a marker pointing the portion of the abnormal portion on the image, a text sentence representing the details of the abnormality. The computer-aided diagnosis data is obtained before its output is requested. The computer-aided diagnosis data is stored in a semiconductor memory (86) until its output is requested.

1. A system for automatically analyzing a medical image using a predetermined computer-aided diagnosis algorithm, characterized by comprising:

means for inputting a medical image and attribute data of the medical image;

means for determining, based on the attribute data, whether or not the medical image is adapted to the predetermined computer-aided diagnosis algorithm;

means for analyzing the medical image using the predetermined computer-aided diagnosis algorithm in accordance with a result of a determination of said determining means; and

means for displaying an analysis result of said analyzing means.

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Prezentace Vaclava Hanzla na predchozi schuzce na UPV 10 .2. 2005

Mozne zmeny ve smernici

1) Pridat tuto vetu na konec clanku 4.2:

The processing, handling, and presentation of information do not
belong to a technical field, even where technical devices are employed
for such purposes.

2) Nemecko by se na zaklade sve soudni praxe mohlo pokusit pridat
nekam do clanku smernice toto:

"Technisch" ist eine Lehre zum planmassigen Handeln unter Einsatz
beherrschbarer Naturkrafte zur Erreichung eines kausal ubersehbaren
Erfolgs, der ohne Zwischenschaltung menschlicher Verstandestatigkeit
die unmittelbare Folge des Einsatzes beherrschbarer Naturkrafte ist.

V pribliznem anglickem prekladu:

"Technical" is a teaching for an action according to plan by using
controllable forces of nature for the achievement of a causally
surveyable result, which result is, without intermediary activity by
the human mind, the direct outcome of the use of controllable forces
of nature.

Patrne budete znat odpovidajici pripady z nemecke praxe (mne osobne se
tento pridavek zda trochu neprehledny).

3) Z clanku 5.2 zachovat jen prvni vetu, zbytek skrtnout.

(Spolu s 5.1 by tedy zbyla moznost uplatnit nezavisly patentovy narok
na "vyrobek" a na "postup", avsak nikoli na "program".)