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ATT3000 Series FPGAs

ATT3000 Chip

The SRAM-based 0.6 µm and 0.55 µm ATT3000 Series FPGAs, which feature toggle rates up to 270 MHz, are a direct second source to the Xilinx XC3000 FPGAs and are pin-for-pin and speed compatible with the Xilinx XC3100 FPGAs.

The ATT3000 regular, flexible, reprogrammable array architecture is composed of a configuration program store with three types of configurable elements: a perimeter of input/output blocks (IOBs), a core array of configurable logic blocks (CLBs), and ample resources for interconnection.

The CLB implements logic functions by using programmed look-up tables (LUTs). Functional options are implemented by user programmable multiplexers. Interconnecting networks are implemented with metal routing lines joined by user programmable pass transistors. Registers or flip-flops are found in CLBs and IOBs.

The devices are customized by a configuration program stored in internal SRAM-based memory cells. The program data resides externally from the FPGAs in an EEPROM, EPROM, or ROM on the circuit board, or on a floppy or hard disk.

Device Offerings  [ TOP ]

FPGA ATT3020 ATT3030 ATT3042 ATT3064 ATT3090
Max Logic Gates 1,500 2,000 3,000 4,500 6,000
Typical Gate Range 1,000-1,500 1,500-2,000 2,000-3,000 3,500-4,500 5,000-6,000
Configurable Logic Blocks 64 100 144 224 320
Array 8x8 10x10 12x12 16x14 20x16
User I/Os Max 64 80 96 120 144
Flip-Flops 256 360 480 688 928
Horizontal Long Lines 16 20 24 32 40
Configuration Data Bits 14,779 22,176 30,784 46,064 64,160

Product Literature [ TOP ]

Pdf Product Brief
ATT3000 Series FPGAs (25 Kb)

This product brief includes features of the ATT3000 Series, which include high performance, flexible array architecture, standard product availability, as well as supported development systems, ordering information, and package matrices.

Pdf Data Sheet
ATT3000 Series FPGAs (1150 Kb)

The ATT3000 Series FPGA family provides a group of high-density, digital-integrated circuits. This data sheet discusses the ATT3000 Series' extensive features, packaging options and flexible array architecture.

Pdf Cross Reference Guide
ATT3000 Series FPGAs Cross-Reference Guide (261 Kb)

This guide cross-references the ATT3000 series with its associated Xilinx counterpart.

Pdf Manual
Qualification Manual (648 Kb)

This qualification manual includes Lucent's Quality Policy and descriptions of its OR2C/T-A, ATT3000, and 1700 Series device qualification testing, package qualification, vendor quality monitoring, reliability monitoring and several other related topics. Clear

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