Toto je lokalni kopie, tady byl original

(kopie nemusi byt zcela aktualni a nemusi v ni fungovat odkazy a obrazky)

Verze funkcni na cvicenich A PRI PREZENTACICH je PSpice5 (soubory a, ktere rozbalite na dve instalacni diskety). Nize uvedeny i jiny software pouzivejte dle libosti, ale nestezujte si, ze nefunguje v ucebnach 405 a 362.

SPICE Download Page

This page seems to be useful to many people, as the access statistics show. It is one of the most accessed pages of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. It remains useful if updated continuously. This depends also on you. If you know a site, a change, or whatever, please mail me.

Thank You in Advance !

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My favorite Operating System. Visit my German Linux page on my private WWW site





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"Where to get free Spice"
Some other Models
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