Digital Signal Processing
XE31ASI - Algorithms of Signal Processing - summer semestr 2004/2005

Common page for English courses in DSP

Teacher: Petr Pollák, E-mail:


  1. Brief summary on digital filtering
    FIR and IIR filters, structures and main features, filter design and filtration in MATLAB
    References: [1], [4], [5]
  2. Spectral Analysis and Signal Processing in Frequency-Domain
    DFT (FFT), main fetures, Power Spectral Density (PSD) estimation, OLA method, filtration in frequency-domain
    References: [1], [2], [5], [4]
  3. Multi-Channel Signal Processing
    Correlation and coherence analysis, time delay estimation
    References: [2], [4], [5]
  4. Parametric Metods of DSP
    Linear prediction, AR, MA, and ARMA signal models, estimation of AR model parameters (LPC analysis), spectral analysis based on LPC, speech coding
    References: [2], [3], [4], [5]
  5. Cepstral Analysis
    Real and complex cepstrum, homomorfic deconvolution of speech, LPC cepstrum, Cepstral distance and its application
    References: [1], [2], [4], [5]
  6. Signal and Noise
    Noise robustness of DFT and LPC, noise suppression systems


  1. Filter Design and Digital Filtering in MATLAB
    Delivery date: Monday - 4 Apr 2005
  2. Basic Overview on DFT Properties
    Delivery date: Monday - 11 Apr 2005
  3. Estimation of Power Spectral Density
    Delivery date: Monday - 18 Apr 2005
  4. Correlation analysis
    Delivery date: Monday - 2 May 2005
  5. LPC analysis (AR models)
    Preliminary study of literature [2],[3]: Monday - 9 May 2005
    Delivery date: Monday - 16 May 2005

EXAMINATION : Monday - 30 May 2005
- All above discussed tasks are finished - presentation of results in MATLAB will be checked during whole semester.
- Basic knowledges given by realized projects - will be checked by short discussion.

  1. OLA, Filtration in the Frequency-Domain
    1st discussion:
    Delivery date:
  2. OLA, Noise suppression using spectral subtraction
    Delivery date:
  3. Robustness of LPC analysis
    Delivery date:
  4. Cepstral analysis
    Delivery date:


[1] Oppenheim, Schafer: Discrete-Time Signal Processing. Prentice-Hall 1990

[2] Rabiner, Schafer: Digital Processing of Speech Signals. Prentice-Hall 1978

[3] Markel, Gray: Linear Prediction of Speech. Springer-Verlag, 1976

[4] The MathWorks: MATLAB User's and Reference Guides.

[5] The MathWorks: Signal Processing Toolbox - User's Guide.

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