XE31CZS - Digital Signal Processing
Winter semestr 2007/2008

Teacher: Petr Pollák, E-mail: pollak at fel.cvut.cz

Week schedule for the course - Lecture with consultations, Friday 11:00, in the room 362 (or 405) according to week schedule.


Required input knowledge:

  • Basics of signal and system theory
  • Ability of simple programming

    For more experienced students:

    It is possible to accept individual plan of the work with higher accent to more sophisticated semester project in the field of DSP.

    Conditions of subject passing:

    Final classification is based on two parts:
  • A (40%) - classification of work within semester (semestrial work and exercises)
  • B (60%) - exam - short test of basic knowledges followed by brief oral discussion. This part B be may not be classifed by degree 4!

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