XE31CZS - Digital Signal Processing - LECTURES
Summer semestr 2006/2007

Program for the semester:

  1. Introduction to the Course. [5 Oct 2007]
    Basic properties of digital signals.

  2. Time domain signal characteristics [12 Oct 2007]
    Auto-correlation and cross-correlation function.

  3. Fourier transform of discrete signals. [19 Oct 2007]
    DTFT and DFT - basic properties. Computation algorithms - FFT, DFT of real sequence.

  4. Basic Properties of Spectral Analysis using DFT [26 Oct 2007]
    Weighting windows. Signal periodicity in frequency domain.

  5. Spectral Analysis of Stochastic and Non-Stationary Signals [2 Nov 2007]
    Short-time and long-time characteristics. Power spectrum. PSD - Power Spectral Density.

  6. Signal and system representation in time and Z-domain. [9 Nov 2007]
    Z-transform. Difference equation. Impulse response and transfer function.

  7. Digital filtering I - FIR filters. [16 Nov 2007]
    Properties. FIR filter design techniques, theory and realization in MATLAB.

  8. Digital Filtering II- IIR filters [23 Nov 2007]
    Approximations. Properties. IIR filter design in MATLAB. Comparison of IIR and FIR filters

  9. Digital fitlering in frequency-domain. [30 Nov 2007]
    Implementation of linear an cyclic convolution. Techniques of spectral masking, weighting, subtraction.

  10. Basics of Multi-Band signal Processing [7 Dec 2007]
    Filter banks, decimation, interpolation.

  11. Basics of parametric methods of signal processing. [14 Dec 2007]
    Linear prediction. Spectral analysis based on LPC.

  12. Application of LPC in speech processing. [21 Dec 2007]
    Coding of speech signals. Applications in biological signal analyis.

  13. Reserve [4 Jan 2008]

  14. Reserve [11 Jan 2008]

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