Pictures from Iceland '97

Our camping place behind the bridge over Jökulsa a Fjöllum river Vatnajökull glacier in Kverkfjöll
Kverkfjöll Kverkfjöll, one of ice caves or tunnels under glacier, source of glacier river Jökulsa a Fjöllum
New lava from Askja volcano eruption in 1961
New lava on Askja volcano from the eruption in 1961 year on the older lava layer from last centuries
Þingvellir valley, important historical place and nice nature Þingvellir, waterfall. I heard somewhere, that it can be artificial, created by old Icelanders in the 10th century.
Very powerful steam source in Krisuvík Krisuvík, place, where all bubbles
Nice 4WD car in middle, surrounded by kids version on right and a children toy called Mercedes on left. Usual Icelandic car, suitable for interior deserts
A big car. I hope, that it is big car for Icelanders, too. They have a little different criteria for cars as we have...    

Smaller narrow photos are taken by Video 8 camera, sorry for worse quality.

(Check this page soon, I will add more photos.)

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