BE2M31DSPA - Digital Signal Processing
Winter semestr 2022/2023

Lectures and seminars:
Petr Pollák, room 462, E-mail: pollak at

Week timetable for the course - Lectures followed by the exercise are in the room 362.


BE2M31DSPA at CTU FEE Moodle (authorized access)


ATTENTION! - Teaching organization may change based on restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic! Please, follow :
- general arrangements defined at Faculty WEB page Coronavirus - summary information of CTU FEE
- arrangements related to our subject - Changes in teaching of BE2M31DSPA

Required input knowledge:

  • Basics of signal and system theory
  • Ability of simple programming

    Conditions of subject passing:

    The subject is closed with the assessment and the exam. The final classfication is composed from the classification of the work during the semester as well as from the classification of knowledge presented at the exam.

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